Cray Accel AI Deep Learning

Cray Accel AI Deep Learning

Everything you need to go from exploration to production

Cray Accel AI turns our supercomputing expertise, technologies and best practices into solutions that advance the adoption of deep learning. These fast-start reference configurations—all based on Cray® CS-Storm™ technology —range from a starter system ideal for AI exploration to complete, production-level systems for the entire AI workflow, meeting the needs of data science teams that are under pressure to shorten time to value.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned in other high-performance computing domains and applied it to AI, making it easy for your IT team to quickly get started with a single system that makes AI a reality.

Choose from three configurations:

Cray Accel AI Exploration
for tool exploration &
early model development

Cray Accel AI Prototype
for small-team artificial
intelligence projects

Cray Accel AI Production,
a complete system for
production-level deep learning

Wherever you are on your AI journey, whether you’re just starting out or ready to deploy AI applications in production, we have the high-powered computing systems and industry expertise to make artificial intelligence work for you.


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