CS-Storm Cluster Supercomputer Brochure

Cray CS-Storm GPU-Accelerated Cluster Supercomputer

Built for yourmost demanding HPC & deep learning workloads

Are you facing demanding workloads for high-performance computing, machine learningand deep learning? Enlist our purpose-built Cray®CS-Storm™cluster super computer for powerful GPU-optimized supercomputing.

The CS-Storm supercomputer adds to the industry’s broadest range of integrated systems, ready to tackle problems that benefit from the processing power and scale available from today’s GPU and FPGA accelerators.

With the CS-Storm system, you get:

Your choice of server
node configurations


Cray’s HPC cluster software stack

Complete deep learning environment:

The Bright Deep Learning extension is an option that provides a comprehensive collection of machine and deep learning frameworks, libraries and tools that enable complex analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads on CS-Storm accelerated compute systems:

  • Your choice of server node configurations
  • Customizable performance
  • Cray’s HPC cluster software stack

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