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Cray Urika-XC Analytics & AI Software Suite

A complete solution for simulation, analytics & AI

Large-scale analytics, machine learning and deep learning have become significant workloads on HPC systems. Data science isn’t an option — it’s an imperative. And it’s an imperative that requires the right technology.

Your solution is the Cray® Urika®-XC analytics and AI software suite. The Urika-XC suite brings big data analytics, artificial intelligence and large-scale graph processing to the massively scalable Cray® XC™ series supercomputer.

Cray’s Urika-XC analytics and AI software suite includes:

Cray Open-Source Analytics (OSA)

Cray Graph Engine
analytics platform

Support for artificial intelligence

You can use the Urika-XC suite’s AI tools for:

  • Data preparation
  • Model training
  • Deep learning

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Cray Urika-XC Analytics: Where Data and Discovery Converge

Unlock sophisticated big data analytics at the speed of supercomputing with Cray Urika-XC analytics, a software solution that brings you powerful analytics tools, engineered to take advantage of Cray XC series architecture.

For Lab Managers: Cray Urika-XC Advanced Analytics Suite

The value of the Cray Urika-XC analytics suite to the supercomputer lab manager is that it allows you to offer your users a complete suite of data analytics tools — preinstalled, pretested and pre-optimized and with full user-to-user security, backed by Cray support.

For IT Administrators: Cray Urika-XC Advanced Analytics Suite

For the IT administrator, one of the major benefits of the Cray Urika-XC analytics package is that we've done all the difficult work of porting these packages to the unique supercomputer architecture, enabling them to run reliably and at scale.

For Data Scientists: Cray Urika-XC Advanced Analytics Suite

If you're a data scientist, the Cray Urika-XC analytics suite offers you the complete set of tools that you're used to, many of them open source, operating at a power and scale that you've never seen before.

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