Cryo-EM Ebook

The Cryo-EM Researcher’s Guide to Breaking Data Bottlenecks

When 2Tb of data is being generated every day, you need the infrastructure in place to manage it

It used to be that the only types of organizations that needed supercomputers were national labs and government agencies. But today, the number and types of orgs that could benefit from a supercomputer are growing with each new revolutionary instrument and tool being developed.

Cryogenic electron-microscopy is an excellent example. Structural biologists use cryo-EM to model the 3D structure of protein molecules at near-atomic-levels of image resolution. Molecules are initially frozen so they remain still during imaging, then the 2D images are compiled and rendered into a 3D model. It allows for drug treatments to be discovered – or ruled out – more quickly than ever before.

Research labs spend sometimes up to $10 million for an electron microscope that generates, on average, up to 2Tb of data every day. Without the infrastructure in place to transfer, process, store and analyze that data – to create those 3D models – it simply languishes. In some cases, the data backlog can stretch into years.

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The scope of the data problem in cryo-EM

What to consider in a supercomputing system

How Cray can deliver a pre-configured, scalable solution to resolve bottlenecks

At Cray, we’ve been addressing these kinds of bottlenecks for over 40 years. We take a holistic approach to system design. We know what configurations are necessary to ensure that the data being generated by the cryo-EM microscopes doesn’t go to waste. And our solutions are scalable to keep pace with the amount of data being generated tomorrow.

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