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Cryo-EM White Paper

Cryo-EM Workloads Create Unique IT Challenges Across Industries

Why this revolutionary technology needs HPC

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Cryo-electron microscopy creates images at near-atomic scale. For industries as varied as pharmacology and oil and gas exploration, it’s a transformational capability. Researchers can study biomolecules ― and glean insights ―at a level of detail never before possible.

While the technology has vast potential, cryo-EM creates massive data streams. Without the proper IT infrastructure, the data can’t be processed or analyzed. Insights sit unrealized in data backlogs, stalled workflows, utilization conflicts and more.

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Cryo-EM’s capabilities and how industries are applying them

Unique processing and storage challenges of cryo-EM

What kind of compute, storage, and analysis infrastructure you need

Cray brings expertise gained from building the world’s fastest and largest supercomputers to cryo-EM facilities.

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