Simulation in 21st-Century Sports Engineering

Aerodynamic resistance in a cycling peloton

Sports pros and coaches are always looking for ways to boost performance, stay comfortable and minimize injuries. At the same time, equipment manufacturers are using technology to innovate faster and deliver reliable gear that holds up under tough conditions.

Professor Bert Blocken from Eindhoven University of Technology and KU Leuven simulated aerodynamic resistance in a cycling peloton, the main field of riders in a road bicycle race.

His results were unexpected.

Find out what happened by watching this on-demand webinar featuring Professor Blocken, ANSYS and Cray.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

The largest CFD
modeling ever
done in sports

The challenges of
meshing such an
extreme geometry

The impact of
cycling aerodynamics
on elite athletes

Watch the on-demand webinar and hear more about the results of this world-first CFD simulation.


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