LANL DataWarp Case Study

DataWarp to the Rescue

LANL & Cray fix an I/O performance issue

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has a weighty mandate — solve national security challenges through scientific excellence. Chief among them is to ensure the safety, security and reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile as part of the National Nuclear Security Administration's Stockpile Stewardship program. They do that with the help of their Cray® XC™ “Trinity” supercomputer.

When LANL encountered an I/O bottleneck, they approached Cray to build a new storage solution.

Download the case study to find out about:

What caused
the bottleneck

How we
helped them
fix the problem

The DataWarp™
I/O accelerator

“This gives us an order of magnitude increase in I/O performance with extreme predictability. We've never had this level of performance predictability before.” — Galen Shipman, Computer Science Lead, Eulerian Applications, Los Alamos National Laboratory


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