Geospatial AI
White Paper

Deep Learning-Driven Geospatial Object Detection for Real World Insight

A systems-level approach is required to maximize efficiency and minimize cost

Geospatial data used to be the sole domain of government agencies and large corporations for use in major undertakings such as defense, urban planning, agriculture, and oil and gas work.

But as geospatial data has become more accessible, more and more industries and businesses are taking advantage of it. As they do, they’re discovering they need to leverage artificial intelligence and deep learning to process the enormous amount of data available.

Download our free white paper, where you’ll learn about:

AI workflow for geospatial object detection

Why workload parallelization is required

How to deploy the right technology at each workflow step

Cray has been working on big data problems like these for over 45 years. We understand the complexities involved with leveraging AI in geospatial object detection, and have reference configurations built for maximum efficiency and scalability. Download the white paper to find out how Cray can help you solve your big analytics problems.

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