Enterprise AI
Adoption Survey

The State of Enterprise AI Adoption

Survey reveals how much attitudes towards AI have changed

If you wanted to know where you and your organization compare in your adoption of artificial intelligence, here’s your chance to find out.

Cray recently commissioned a survey asking organizations about the state of their enterprise adoption, and the answers may surprise you. Or they may not.

For instance, would it surprise you that 25% of our respondents already consider AI to be critical, and another 77% believe it will become critical in the next three years?

Intrigued? Download our report, “The State of Enterprise AI Adoption,” to find out:

The top three
challenges in implementation

Why on-premises
makes sense for your
AI infrastructure

What percentage have already adopted AI?

Cray has been helping organizations of all sizes tackle their big data challenges for over 45 years. From large government research laboratories to just about every area of the private sector, Cray’s experience means you can be sure that our AI solutions fit your workflow, current AI expertise, infrastructure and budget, so you can maximize ROI and innovation.

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