Exascale Day

Exascale Day Webcast and Panel Discussion

Miss the live webcast? Or want to see it again? Here’s the replay!

To celebrate the first annual National Exascale Day, we hosted a webcast and panel discussion, moderated by Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research, with the minds tasked with ushering in the Exascale Era.

We spoke with Doug Kothe, Director of the Exascale Computing Project; Steve Scott, CTO at Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company; and Directors from the Argonne, Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore National Labs – sites selected by the US Department of Energy for the Nation’s first exascale systems.

We asked them the big questions:

What questions will you tackle first?

How will exascale impact society?

What can exascale do that petascale can’t?

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