HPC Storage Performance White Paper

Cray ClusterStor NXD Performance Comparison

Is your storage solution ready for the future?

High-performance computing (HPC) storage needs are changing with new areas of computing, such as artificial intelligence. While traditional parallel HDD-based file systems are capable of high sustained throughput and are good at large streaming reads and writes, the increasing number of small reads and writes, random seeks and unaligned writes can cause parallel file systems to falter.

In this white paper, Cray’s Torben Kling Petersen details storage options for high-performance computing and discusses why flash acceleration — and Cray’s ClusterStor™ NXD software stack — is a smart choice for your HPC storage requirements.

Learn about the benefits and constraints of various storage architectures:

HDD-based storage

storage solutions

A hybrid HPC
storage approach

In addition, the white paper covers:

  • The NXD I/O manager and how NXD delivers high IOPS without affecting streaming throughput
  • NXD I/O tools that allow the user to get a clear concept of HPC application throughput and to identify potential performance issues
  • The difference between the NXD software stack and other flash-caching solutions

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