Analytics & Big Data Value Infographic

How to Navigate the Road to Big Data Value

Analytics is a top priority for businesses.

With amazing applications and outcomes spanning all industries, big data and analytics make it possible to understand the world at levels never before achievable.

But getting to this understanding takes navigating some slowdowns.

Barriers to effective analytics implementation can include:

Time: 77% of organizations say
it will take 6 months before they see
business value from big data

Technology: Big data projects require
expertise across 7 different domains
to build a whole solution

Cost: TCO has to factor in
deployment, management, maintenance,
support costsand more

The Cray® Urika®-GX agile analytics platform offers:

  • 21% TCO savings over DIY
  • Over 55% savings on analytics software and licensing
  • Over 55% savings on analytics software and licensing
  • High levels of support at low cost
  • Minimal risk since the platform is pre-configured, integrated and tested
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