Programming Environment White Paper

The Competitive Advantage of an HPC Optimized Software Stack for Maximizing System Performance

Big Data Requires a Wide View

Let’s face it: Data has an expiration date. It’s no good unless you can extract the insights quickly and efficiently. Last week’s insights are out of date, and last month’s insights are already being used by your competitors. How do you stay ahead?

Cray’s HPC-optimized programming environment, tools, and libraries unlock the potential of AMD EPYC for HPC workloads. Cray takes a holistic approach to the problem of extracting insights from data. By offering AMD EPYC processors in the Cray® CS500™ product line, it allows enterprise customers to add the benefits of HPC to their existing x86 platforms and workflows, without disruption.

Flexible, scalable, and portable to meet the current and future demands of your enterprise’s data.

High-density system with superior performance, adoption, integration, and upgradability

Wide view ensures customized, scalable solution

HPC tailored for
AMD developers

Read the white paper to understand how Cray forges a path for organizations that want the ability to advance their HPC environments in order to meet the needs of today’s data-driven workloads.

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