High-Performance Storage for the Exascale Era

Converged HPC & AI workloads require a new approach to data storage

The true measure of the Exascale Era isn’t the miraculous speed, but rather, how that speed is put to use in extremely heterogeneous, converged workflows. For exascale to be practical and not just theoretical, data storage and accessiblity had to be addressed in a completely new way.

Meet Cray’s ClusterStor E1000. With this solution we’ve completely rethought and rearchitected storage to address the extreme data growth and converged workloads of the exascale era – on one machine.

ClusterStor Data Services is the core of ClusterStor E1000’s storage intelligence. It enables you to align the data flow in the file system with your workflow by placing the right data for the job on the right medium at the right time.

Read more about the benefits of ClusterStor E1000 such as:

Doubles the performance level
of any other storage system available

Intelligent software ensures maximum performance from storage medium

Start with as little as half a rack, and expand as needed, as budgeted

The Exascale Era will be defined by the convergence of HPC and AI workflows. A quintillion operations per second only happens if the data is there to be processed. What good is all that compute power if your data is trapped behind an I/O bottleneck? Download the brochure to find out more.


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