ClusterStor Storage for Life Sciences

HPC Storage for Life Sciences

ClusterStor streamlines life-science research

Breakthroughs are happening in life sciences every day, with organizations performing groundbreaking work in biological research. However, the amount of data generated in large life-science projects, such as genome sequencing, has prompted the need for greater and more efficient storage.

Cray® ClusterStor™ storage systems are designed to address those issues, providing optimal performance, efficiency and scalability for tackling life sciences’ high-performance computing challenges.

Benefits of ClusterStorfor life sciences include:

Faster time to
insight and treatment

The ability to handle
mixed workloads efficiently

Reduced total
cost of ownership

Cray ClusterStor storage systems are designed, produced and supported by a single company —Cray—which maximizesefficiency,thereby optimizing performance, management and cost.

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