White Paper

Interconnect Technology for Enterprise Workflows

Slingshot interconnect was built for the exascale era

Increased supercomputing capability is no longer coming from faster individual processors. It’s coming from but an increased number of processors. With more processors available to divide up the workload, the challenge becomes keeping data flowing smoothly to multiple nodes.

Slingshot was built from the ground up with datacentric, heterogenous workflows in mind. It’s designed to handle extraordinary volumes of mixed data, seamlessly routed to a variety of applications, like simulation, analytics, and AI.

What can it handle? Download the white paper to learn about:

Adaptive routing implemented in the hardware

Bandwidth 60% higher than the closest competitor

Ethernet compatibility for datacenter integration

Slingshot is the 8th generation of Cray interconnect, and is the product of 25 years’ experience in building HPC networks. It’s stunningly powerful, flexible, and scalable to meet the demands of the exascale era and beyond.

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