Shasta Liquid Cooled

The Liquid Cooled Cabinet: Future-proof Architecture Empowering Shasta


For Shasta to achieve the exascale milestone, everything had to be redesigned. That means the data storage had to be purpose-built, the interconnect had to be nearly sentient, the compute power had to be phenomenal, and the infrastructure had to be futureproof.

Fortunately, Cray’s been taking a holistic approach to supercomputing for over 40 years. We’ve applied that experience to every facet of Shasta, including the liquid cooled cabinet infrastructure, designed for flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Download the brochure to learn more about:

How it uses direct liquid cooling on all components

How it can reduce operational expenses by up to 50%

How it provides a clear upgrade path for future technology

Every aspect of Shasta had to be revolutionary, and the liquid cooled cabinet is no exception.


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