On-Demand LS-DYNA Webinar

LS-DYNA R8.0 Performance Evaluation and Enhancements

Experts from Cray, LSTC and Rolls-Royce run aerospace engine simulations with overnight turnaround

LS-DYNA simulations have proven to be extremely valuable in product design. But they’re also computationally challenging. Even when using hundreds of compute cores, a single simulation can still take days. In this on-demand webinar, speakers from Cray, LSTC and Rolls-Royce present benchmark results in their work to improve the scaling and reduce the elapsed time of LS-DYNA simulations on aerospace engines — so even the largest jobs run with overnight turnaround.

The 45-minute webinar covers:

Requirements for
performance of large

Application features
that can limit

New performance
improvements for LS-
DYNA 8.0


  • James Ong, Senior Technical Specialist, Rolls-Royce
  • Inaki Caldichoury, Software Engineer, LSTC
  • Ting-Ting Zhu, Software Engineer, Cray

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