ClusterStor in Azure
Lustre Storage Webinar

Making the Switch from On-Premises to Cloud Storage

Computing in the cloud? ClusterStor in Azure storage brings your data where you need it

If the Fortune 500 is a good indicator of major business trends, then high-performance computing and the cloud will find their way into all enterprises. Already, 95% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure ― and 100% use HPC technologies.

What they’re not doing yet is moving their entire HPC infrastructure to the cloud. When you don’t have your data where you’re doing your compute, it can be a major performance blocker.

Join Cray’s Uli Plechschmidt and Microsoft’s Robert Walsh to learn how the ClusterStor in Azure Lustre storage offering brings the function of on-premises storage directly to Azure ― and enhances the benefits of cloud computing.

What You'll Learn:

Get an understanding of the
trends and context behind
moving storage to the cloud

How ClusterStor integrates into Azure Services and why it’s so good at running tightly coupled applications at large scale

Why ClusterStor HPC
storage is the #1 storage
system in the Top 100

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