Geospatial AI

Overcoming Model Development Challenges for Geospatial AI

Using an AI Workflow Approach to Develop Geospatial AI applications

Of all the recent applications for geospatial data, perhaps none impacts our day-to-day lives more than weather. But developing artificial intelligence models to effectively handle the amount of geospatial data for real-time forecasts and warnings – and their impacts – requires a systematic approach.

Watch this webinar where AI experts from Cray will demonstrate exactly what it takes to develop deep learning models that can extract value from the volume and complexity of geospatial weather data available.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll review:

The challenges of
implementing a geospatial
AI application

Why the workflow
approach yields the
best results

How to select
the right infrastructure
for geospatial AI

Cray’s been solving big data problems for over 45 years. Across just about every field of research and industry, Cray has been synonymous with high compute, high-throughput capabilities. Leverage our expertise when planning and implementing a solution to your next big data challenge, and you’ll have a cost-effective, efficient system that not only meets today’s needs, but can scale with tomorrow’s demands.

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