Slingshot White Paper

Slingshot: The Interconnect for the Exascale Era

You spoke. We listened. The result is Slingshot.

Customers and users said mixed workloads were their future. They needed systems that could run simulation, analytics, and AI workloads simultaneously —and at exascale speeds. Our new Slingshot interconnect fulfills this wish.

Slingshot is Ethernet-compatible, able to connect to third-party data storage, and can do it all so systems can run at exascale speeds. With industry-first 64-port switches capable of 25.6 Tb/s per switch, it can support up to a quarter million endpoints in just three network hops, requiring only one optical cable.

That’s just the start. Download our white paper to learn more about:

Our first interconnect decoupled
from software — no need to
rip and replace

Adaptive routing with congestion
control — like GPS for your data

How Slingshot straddles the
supercomputing and data center worlds

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