Shasta Slingshot

Slingshot: Interconnect Technology for the Exascale Era

HPC is only as fast as the data delivery

When our engineers were tasked with achieving the exascale milestone, they knew that data congestion would be a huge hurdle. After all, what good is the fastest computer ever created if the data is caught in network traffic?

It’s not just the immense volume of data that causes bottlenecks, but also the variety. An exascale-capable interconnect would have to handle it all: seamlessly, in real-time, on an unprecedented scale. And it does.

Meet Slingshot: Data Delivery, at Exascale Speed:

Scalability to >250,000 host ports with a maximum of 3 hops

Innovative hardware congestion management with adaptive routing

Ethernet standards and protocols, optimized for HPC functionality

Slingshot is Cray’s eighth major generation of high-performance, scalable network and the next evolution in over 25 years of designing and building HPC networks. It’s the Shasta architecture’s backbone with a host of new features that provide the performance and scalability required for increasingly data-centric HPC and AI applications.


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