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Solving Cryo-EM Data Bottlenecks

The revolution stalls without the proper infrastructure

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) is revolutionizing structural biology. With it, researchers can create 3D models of molecules in near-atomic detail. This kind of insight can determine the effectiveness of drug treatments faster than ever before ― speeding your time to market or helping you “fail fast.”

But those high-resolution images are only as useful as the infrastructure built to manage them. If the infrastructure can’t process the up to 4 terabytes of data produced every day by a cryo-EM microscope, the bottleneck just continues to grow ― and life-saving drug treatments take longer to get to market.

In this on-demand webinar, Cray Solution Architect Dr. James Maltby will look at the common bottlenecks that occur in cryo-EM pipelines, and discuss the mission-critical computing resources you need for your cryo-EM infrastructure.

How to streamline your cryo-EM workflow

How to manage your large volumes of data

How the right solution can give you consistent, uninterrupted performance

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