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How to Streamline AI System Design for Autonomous Vehicles

And solve the data challenges slowing your progress.

By one estimate, it would take a fleet of 100 training vehicles 518 years to accumulate the 11 billion miles necessary for self-driving cars to improve upon human drivers. (Most of them, anyway.)

No one will wait half a millennium for self-driving cars. So to speed development, the industry has turned to AI simulation, which brings its own set of challenges. Chief among those is the volume and variety of data ― and the implications for data storage.

Designing a solution for an autonomous vehicle AI workflow takes strategy.

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AI simulation workflow for autonomous vehicles

Unique challenges at each step of the workflow

Why traditional enterprise solutions aren’t sufficient

Cray has been tackling these kinds of challenges for over 45 years. We look at the entire workflow and fine tune each component based on your requirements. Our approach ensures the solution fits today’s demands and scales to meet tomorrow’s needs.

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