AI White Paper

The Critical Role of Supercomputers in the Next Wave of AI

New AI applications demand a new system architecture

We’re entering a new phase of artificial intelligence technology integration. And it will require a totally different approach powered by a new supercomputer architecture.

While early adopters of AI mostly took the same approach out of necessity ― small-scale AI integration at certain points within a traditional workflow ― the next wave will be marked by end-to-end AI workflows as part of companies’ core business practices.

Supercomputing will be the line of demarcation between organizations with the competitive advantage in AI technology, and those left behind.

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The convergence of AI and HPC simulation

The challenges of multidisciplinary data

How data volume will demand high-performance storage

Cray is ready. We began developing our new artificial intelligence system years ago using insights from our customers’ widely varied use cases. The result is not just a new supercomputer, but a new way of supercomputing, ready to scale with the demands of the next wave of AI.

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