Shasta Software

Supercomputing that Runs Like the Cloud

Software for new workloads

The Exascale Era of supercomputing will be marked by two ideas: the convergence of heterogeneous workflows, and exponential growth in data. To be productive, the next generation of supercomputers will need to be both flexible and scalable – on an unprecedented level.

Cray has been developing the Shasta software stack with this challenge in mind. Shasta delivers the flexibility of the cloud with the interoperability of a datacenter, across processor architectures and development environments, with support for microservices-based composability.

Read more about the new standards set by Shasta such as:

Flexible and powerful
tools for new converged

Same features and
capabilities, regardless of system

Full separation of
management and compute

Cray’s been taking the holistic approach to supercomputing for over four decades. We’ve built on the lessons learned and systems developed to deliver a truly astonishing platform that will not only keep pace with productivity demands of today, but well into the future.


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