Cray XC Scalability White Paper

The Cray XC Series Scalability Advantage

The sheer scale and high global bandwidth of Cray XC systems enable the study of new problems, opening the door to discovery.

Cray® XC series™ supercomputers integrate an HPC-optimized Aries™ interconnect with a high-bandwidth, low-diameter network topology called Dragonfly, providing state-of-the-art performance on the most demanding applications. This white paper describes aspects of the Cray XC system that were designed for scalability, enabling Cray to deliver systems like “Trinity.”

Learn how Trinity performs well in scalability metrics, including:

Accelerating key
operations, both
between and within
nodes, allowing more
CPUs to be used on a
given problem

Reducing memory use
per process to 30
times less than that of
EDR Infiniband

Providing substantial
energy savings using
highly integrated
network components
and a low-diameter
Dragonfly network

The Trinity supercomputer provides computational capability for the demanding workloads of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

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