On-Demand Deep Learning Webinar

Must-Knows for Your Deep Learning Journey

How to make deep learning work for your organization

What are the business and technical considerations on your path to deep learning maturity? With industry expertise and insights gathered from some of the world’s best problem solvers, learn from Cray about the systems, scale and metrics required for your deep learning journey.

Rangan Sukumar, from Cray’s office of the CTO, brings a real-world, practical perspective from renowned research laboratories and organizations like yours and explained the dimensions of moving your deep learning applications from pilot to production.

You’ll learn about:

Accelerating deep learning at
scale on massive datasets

Increasing confidence in your
deep learning predictions

What it takes to get started
with deep learning

You should watch this webinar if you need to:

  • Understand the system approach, not just the components, required for successful implementation of deep learning
  • Accelerate and drive maturity in deep learning
  • Explore the infrastructure and tools required to scale

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