ClusterStor E1000
White Paper

A New Era Needs New Storage

Keeping Pace in the Exascale Era Requires Intelligent Data Storage

Don’t think of exascale as just another speed milestone. Think of exascale as an approach. It’s a way of looking at data and problem solving. Think of exascale as an inevitability.

It was inevitable that legacy data storage wouldn’t be able to keep up with data growth. It was inevitable that supercomputers would be tasked with heterogeneous workloads. And it was inevitable that a new approach to data storage and processing would be necessary.

ClusterStor E1000 is the storage solution for the exascale era.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

The architectural and
economic reasons why legacy
storage is over

How intelligent software and hardware designs align dataflow with workflow

How ClusterStor extracts
maximum performance from
storage media

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