Cray XC Series Interconnect & Network

Cray XC Series Interconnect & Network Technology

Maximum scalability and sustained performance

Cray’s flagship XC series supercomputers deliver the industry’s most optimized HPC solutionfor today’s most demanding production computing environments.

XC series systems run the world’s most challenging and diverse workloads —and they can be configured across the price/performance spectrum to meet your own unique and exacting requirements. With astate-of-the-art programming environment and upgradabilityby design, Cray XC systems deliver a competitive advantage in productivity and TCO.

Advantages of XC technology include:

Aries™ interconnect and
Dragonfly topology

Processing/interconnect integration

An interconnect/network advantage

The Aries interconnect and Dragonfly network integrated into Cray XC series supercomputers provide cost-effective, scalable global bandwidth. This architecture, together with the tuned Cray software stack and advanced reliability features, enables XC systems to scale multicore/many-core processors to millions of parallel compute cores. The Cray XC programming environment enables efficient use of these resources on the most demanding HPC applications, resulting in consistent, scalable and sustained computingperformance.


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The Cray XC series air-cooled supercomputer features slightly smaller and less dense supercomputing cabinets with no requirement for liquid coolants or extra blower cabinets. 

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King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia selected a Cray system that includes an XC series supercomputer with DataWarp technology and Cray Sonexion storage.

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An infestation of the silverleaf whitefly can destroy entire crops — and livelihoods. Using Magnus, a petascale Cray XC40 supercomputer at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, a team of researchers is generating phylogenetic trees of whitefly species from around the world.

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Chronic respiratory diseases interrupt the airways and other lung structures, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Researchers created a first-ever 3D model of the lung using “Magnus,” Pawsey Supercomputing Centre’s Cray XC40 supercomputer, with the goal of improved delivery of aerosolized medications.

National Nuclear Security Administration Ensures Safety and Security of U.S. Nuclear Stockpile with Cray XC40 “Trinity” Supercomputing Solution

Maintaining the safety, security and reliability of the country’s nuclear weapons is critical. The U.S. government formed the Stockpile Stewardship Program under the direction of the NNSA and selected an integrated Cray supercomputer, storage and I/O acceleration solution to provide the computational power they needed.

Cray XC Series Supercomputers

Cray XC series supercomputers: advancing research, engineering and scientific discovery for all mankind.

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