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Join Cray at SC18 in Dallas, TX

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HPC inspires at the SC18 conference this November in Dallas, Texas. Join us to hear about advances in high-performance computing technology and the amazing things Cray’s customers are doing.

Monday, November 12th

Tutorial: Deep Learning at Scale Monday
8:30am - 5pm
C144 Steven A. Farrell, Deborah Bard,
Michael F. Ringenburg (Cray),
Thorsten Kurth, Mr Prabhat
Workshop: Keynote Address Monday
9:30 a.m. - 10 a.m.
D173 Rangan Sukumar
Workshop: The 2nd Industry/University Joint International Workshop on Data Center Automation, Analytics, and Control (DAAC) Monday
3:30pm - 4:20pm
D170 Jon Hass, Kevin Hughes (Cray),
Samer El Haj Mahmoud, Jeff Autor
Panel discussion: Software for Energy Efficiency (PowerStack, PowerAPI, READEX, GEOPM) Monday
4:50pm - 5:25pm
D221 Steve Martin (Cray, moderator)

Tuesday, November 13th

BoF session: Impacting Cancer with HPC: Opportunities and ChallengesTuesday
12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.
D165Eric Stahlberg, Patricia Kovatch,
Ted Slater (Cray), Thomas Steinke
Paper: Energy Efficiency Modeling of Parallel ApplicationsTuesday
2 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
D173Mark Endrei, Chao Jin, Minh Ngoc Dinh,
David Abramson, Heidi Poxon (Cray),
Luiz DeRose (Cray), Bronis R. de Supinski
BoF session: Interactivity in HPCTuesday
5:15 p.m. - 6:45 p.m.
C141/143/149Peter Messmer, John Stone, Albert Reuther,
Michael Ringenburg, Sadaf Alam

Wednesday, November 14th

Exhibitor Forum: Productive and Performant AI Platforms of the FutureWednesday
10:30 a.m.-11 a.m.
D171Rangan Sukumar
BoF:  Power API and Redfish: Standardizing Power Measurement and Control for HPCWednesday
12:15 p.m.-1:15 p.m.
D227Torsten Wilde, James Laros,
Jeff Autor, Todd Rosedahl,
Steve Martin (Cray), Barry Rountree
BoF Session: Monitoring Large-Scale HPC Systems: Extracting and Presenting Meaningful System and Application Insights Wednesday
5:15 p.m.-6:45 p.m.
D175 Jim Brandt, Martin Schulz, Mike Showerman,
Joe Greenseid (Cray), Ayse Coskun

Thursday, November 15th

What When Where Who
ACM Student Research Competition: Interactive HPC Deep Learning with Jupyter Notebooks Thursday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
C2/3/4 Ballroom Co-authors: Aaron Vose (Cray), Wahid Bhimji,
Steven Farrell, Oliver Evans,
Matthew Henderson, Shreyas Cholia,
Mr Prabhat, Rollin Thomas,
Richard Shane Canon
BOF session: The Power of Storytelling: Exposing User Experiences and Lessons Learned to Inspire and Instruct Technology Adoption Thursday
12:15pm - 1:15 p.m.
D166 Kristi Lanier (Cray), Mary Bass
Paper: CosmoFlow: Using Deep Learning to Learn the Universe at Scale Thursday
2 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
C140/142 Authors: Amrita Mathuriya, Deborah Bard,
Pete Mendygral (Cray), Lawrence Meadows,
James Arnemann, Lei Shao,
Siyu He, Tuomas Karna,
Diana Moise (Cray), Simon J. Pennycook,
Kristyn Maschhoff (Cray), Jason Sewall,
Nalini Kumar, Shirley Ho, Michael
F. Ringenburg (Cray), Mr Prabhat, Victor Lee
Panel: The Next Wave of HPC in the Datacenter Thursday
3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
C147/148/154 Greg Stoner, Dr. Rene Meyer,
Dhabaleswar K. "DK" Panda,
Joseph George (Cray)

Friday, November 16th

Workshop: PAW-ATM: Parallel Applications Workshop - Alternatives to MPI Friday
8:30 a.m.- 8:31 a.m.
D175Karla Morris, Bradford Chamberlain (Cray),
Salvatore Filippone, Costin Iancu
Parallel Programming Languages, Libraries, and Models Panel Friday
11:30 a.m.- 12.
D175Bradford Chamberlain (Cray), Benjamin Robbins

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Conference: November 11-16
November 12-15

You'll find Cray at booth #2413.
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Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center

650 S Griffin St

Dallas, TX 75202


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