Computing Solutions for Business, Security, Science & Industry

The ability to turn pioneering hardware and software technologies into world-renowned supercomputing solutions is the work of decades. And no one has more experience than Cray.

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Cray Powers Discovery

From the first Cray-1 supercomputer to today’s lineup of top-notch high performance computing, storage and analytics solutions, Cray has been helping scientists and engineers solve their most challenging computational problems for over 40 years.

Artificial Intelligence

Cray systems, software and toolkits help organizations accelerate their machine learning and deep learning projects.

Supercomputing as a Service

Get the speed of a supercomputer with the ease of a cloud when you use Cray’s hosted supercomputing service.


Security-minded organizations are using Cray cyber security solutions to enable real-time discovery of cyberattacks, so analysts can iteratively find and isolate suspicious activity in real time, using all available network data.

Earth Sciences

Understanding earth systems is vital to the health and well-being of humankind. Cray helps bring this mission-critical task down to planet Earth.


Energy makes the world go. Cray helps put the go in energy exploration.

Financial Services

Financial services firms operate in a complex and changing business environment. Cray solutions are a key ally in managing risk — and outsmarting the competition.


The government and defense sector has multi-disciplinary needs. Cray has the multi-disciplined systems to meet them.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

In the life sciences, the next question is already waiting. You need technology that gets you answers quickly, reliably and with respect to budgets.


Today, transforming an idea into a product takes time — and the help of computer-aided engineering. Cray gets you to market faster with CAE-optimized and budget-sensitive computational power.


Whether it’s social science or quantum physics, Cray systems help advance scientific inquiry in the halls of higher learning.