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Artificial intelligence (AI) and, in particular, deep learning (DL) are rapidly transforming entire industries and scientific disciplines, not just computer science. If your toe isn’t already in the AI/DL water, it might feel like you’re already too late. You’re not — because Cray can help. How? By giving you the tools, technology and support to guide you to success whether you’re just starting your artificial intelligence projects or ready for production-level AI.

Cray Accel AI reference configurations leverage our supercomputing expertise, technologies and best practices — resulting in solutions that advance artificial intelligence technology adoption in your organization. These fast-start configurations range from a single-node exploration system ideal for getting started with artificial intelligence projects to production building-block systems that can be used for all phases of the AI workflow.

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of data science and IT teams tasked with bringing AI projects to life, our Accel AI reference configurations feature the latest Cray systems, storage, research, and technology to make it easy for IT managers to deploy workflow-oriented configurations to meet the needs of demanding user communities, and make it easy for data scientists to use workflow-focused infrastructure that enables faster development, allowing data scientists to focus on data preparation and model building.

Why Cray?

At Cray, we have a long track record supporting artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning and other complex computing challenges. The high-performance techniques that make AI possible today have been honed over decades in other technologies such as medical imaging, cybersecurity, climate modeling and seismic processing — technologies driven to success by our supercomputing systems. So wherever you are on your AI journey, Cray has the high-powered computing systems and the industry expertise to make artificial intelligence and deep learning work for you.

Test, launch and grow your deep learning initiatives

Cray Accel AI reference configurations leverage the Cray® CS-Storm™ accelerated GPU nodes featuring NVIDIA® Tesla®V100 GPU accelerators and the NVIDIA® Volta™ GPU architecture, Cray CS500 CPU nodes featuring Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, Cray ClusterStor™ HPC storage, and the Cray Urika®-CS artificial intelligence suite — for a complete AI workflow-enabled solution.

Choose from three fast-start configurations: the Accel AI Exploration configuration for initial deep learning trials, the Accel AI Prototype configuration for initial projects, and the Accel AI Production system for ongoing data engineering and data science workloads that require full-scale AI environments.

If you're at the tool exploration and model development stage, the Accel AI Exploration reference configuration delivers all the elements necessary for a small team to get started with deep learning trials. You get a single-chassis, fully configured Cray CS-Storm 500NX server with NVIDIA Tesla Volta GPUs using NVLink and running Cray’s Urika-CS AI and Analytics suite.

The Accel AI Prototype reference configuration offers a single-rack configuration designed for AI prototype projects. With a compliment of CPU-based and GPU-based nodes to handle data engineering and data science tasks, the Accel AI Prototype system provides the technology you need for application development, initial production and proof-of-concept projects.

When you're ready to develop and deploy multiple AI applications for the long term, choose the Accel AI Production reference configuration. Designed to be deployed in a building-block fashion, this solution includes four GPU nodes (with 8 GPUs each), 64 CPU nodes (with two CPUs each), 710 TB of high-performance parallel file storage, networking/management infrastructure and the Cray Urika-CS AI and Analytics suite.


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