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Deep learning takes artificial intelligence deep into the workings of the human mind.

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We've been helping visionaries like you solve the most complex computing problems for over four decades.

Using machine learning tools and techniques,
deep learning aims to solve problems the way a human could.

Just consider the complexity. The human brain has over 100 trillion neural connections. Training artificial neural networks — networks that think and learn like the human brain — takes an endless infusion of data. Data that must be prepared, trained, tested and deployed over and over again. But deep learning’s potential is as boundless as the mind. Its possible applications extend from healthcare to manufacturing to finance and more.


We partner with industry leaders like NVIDIA and Intel to provide you with the training to master and implement machine and deep learning. Our Cray Accel Artificial Intelligence Lab focuses on the application, incubation and advancement of supercomputing technologies in AI. With access to Cray systems powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators, as well as Cray AI experts, you can learn about the latest advanced techniques for machine and deep learning frameworks.

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Deep Learning Goes from Possible to Practical

Deep learning remains nothing but a great idea without three elements: next-generation algorithms, massive amounts of data, and computing power that’s both next generation and massive. Scientists have developed the algorithms, technology has found ways to capture the data, and Cray technology transforms the possibilities into practice. Cray has been leading the way with supercomputers and software tools in simulation, modeling and data analytics for decades. With Cray technologies, you can start, speed and scale any deep learning initiative.


Scale is a critical success factor for deep learning. The Cray® CS-Storm™ accelerated GPU computing system and Cray® XC™ series supercomputers are built for scaling. These systems feature the latest NVIDIA GPU accelerators and Intel processors and are coupled with supercomputer-class communications and software.

At its core, deep learning neural network processing — training and inference — is a high-performance computing application.

The Urika®-XC and Urika®-CS analytics and artificial intelligence suites are fully supported collections of AI tools and frameworks for the XC and CS supercomputing systems. With these suites, we have applied our supercomputing expertise to the challenge of making deep learning easier to use on massively parallel processing systems.

Both suites feature popular frameworks, languages and tools like Apache Spark, Distributed Dask and Python, Jupyter Notebook and distributed deep learning with Google TensorFlow delivered as a pre-tested and integrated application for easy deployment and faster time to accuracy.

The XC suite also features Cray Programming Environment Machine Learning (CPE ML) plugin for CPU and GPU scaling and better ease of use.


Cray has been solving the most complex computing problems in science and industry for over 45 years. Organizations big and small trust Cray experts. We’ll work closely with you to get you on the right path for your deep learning goals and then we’ll stay with you to make sure you have what you need to succeed.

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Cray instructors are certified to deliver NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute (DLI) content and lead workshops around the world. NVIDIA DLI provides hands-on training in artificial intelligence and accelerated computing to solve real-world problems. To find out more, fill out the form below


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Whether you’re just starting out or deep into AI, Cray HPC solutions help you achieve your goals.

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With Cray technologies, deep learning is as boundless as the intelligence it aims to mimic.

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