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Artificial intelligence and, more specifically, deep learning neural networks, are technologies that mimic the capabilities of the human brain, which has over 100 trillion neural connections. That’s an enormously complex task.

Cray provides the high-powered computing, HPC storage systems and expertise you need to make deep learning work for you.

Exploit the potential of deep learning.

Cars that drive themselves. Phones that recognize human faces. Software you can chat with. Deep learning has captured the public imagination in consumer-friendly applications like these. With an ability to recognize images, comprehend language and interpret sounds, deep learning models put into practical use will revolutionize science, research and industries.

The potential of deep learning can be realized using high-performance computing systems that harness the advances in technology — availability of big data, rapid increase in compute power, and improvements in deep learning algorithms — that have made deep learning neural networks possible and practical.

Deep learning pioneers — leaders in enterprises and research organizations that have already accepted the promise of deep learning — turn to Cray as their deep learning partner for three reasons: scale, expertise and trust.

  • Scale

    The use of deep learning neural networks in organizations is rapidly expanding as pilot projects move to mainstream production applications. Scale — the ability to do more, faster — is a critical success factor. Technology like our Cray® CS-Storm™ system and XC™ series supercomputers feature the latest NVIDIA GPU accelerators and Intel processors, coupled with supercomputer-class communications and software, and they’re built to scale to meet the growing demands of organizations committed expanding their use of deep learning.
  • Expertise

    At its core, deep learning neural network processing — training and inference — is a high-performance computing application. That’s why we’re applying our supercomputing expertise to the challenge of making deep learning easier to use on a massively parallel processing system. Our Urika®-XC analytics and artificial intelligence suite features the Cray Programming Environment (CPE) Machine Learning Library, which delivers unprecedented scaling by leveraging the Aries™ interconnect and eliminating many of the mundane administrative tasks required for distributed deep learning.
  • Trust

    Cray has been solving the most complex computing problems in science and industry for over 40 years. Organizations trust Cray experts. We’ll work closely with you to uncover the shortest path to solving the biggest deep learning problems pioneering organizations face today.

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