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Cryo-EM meet your other half

Cryo-electron microscopy can alter the course of entire industries. But not without supercomputing behind it.

Cryo-electron microscopy – or cryo-EM – is a new technology with vast, disruptive potential. Using a rapid-sample freezing technique, together with electron microscopes equipped with extremely high-resolution cameras, researchers can generate 3D models of molecules in near-atomic detail. And with this insight, users can determine the effectiveness of their discoveries — such as new drug treatments — more quickly than ever before.

But the technology’s potential will stay chained without high-performance compute and storage resources to unlock it. Cryo-EM microscopes produce so much data that it can quickly overwhelm storage and reconstruction systems, leaving discoveries bottlenecked and value wasted.

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Why Only Supercomputing Will Do

A single cryo-EM microscope can generate 2 TB of data or more per day. But all that data isn’t worth much if you can’t process it, analyze it, and be ready for more.

Most IT infrastructures aren’t equipped to handle the capacity demanded by a 3D model of a molecule. And without adequate compute or HPC storage infrastructure, workflows stall or break down completely. But it’s not a matter of throwing more servers at the problem. Configuring a solution that effectively accommodates cryo-electron microscopy requires a strategy and an understanding of the bewildering array of choices.

Cray supercomputing solutions for cryo-electron microscopy solve the dilemma. Our tightly integrated storage and compute systems integrate easily into existing IT architectures and eliminate the costly data bottlenecks, workflow stalls, image delays, and utilization conflicts. And our systems can scale to handle any amount of data, setting a path to future success for innovative companies.

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Cray solutions for cryo-EM help you put your investment to work. Our powerful, tightly integrated supercomputing systems compress workflow timelines and provide faster time to insight.

Built for speed, scale, and performance – and optimized for cryo-EM workflows – the Cray® CS-Storm™ cluster system simplifies your process, reduces risk of costly trial-and-error, and easily scales to keep up as your needs grow.

Fast, scalable ClusterStor storage accommodates the enormous amount of data generated by cryo-EM microscopes.

The supercomputing technology landscape is evolving rapidly, with many moving parts and many operational choices to make. Cray has the expertise to guide you through the decision-making process, backed by best-in-class technical support and workload and utilization consultation.


Cray has been solving the most complex computing problems in science and industry for over 45 years. Organizations big and small trust Cray experts. We’ll work closely with you to get you on the right path for your cryo-EM goals and then we’ll stay with you to make sure you have what you need to succeed.

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