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Leading national weather services and earth system research centers choose Cray

High-resolution numerical weather prediction and earth system climate modeling are grand challenge problems requiring enormous computational power. Meteorological forecasting services need to run comprehensive global and high resolution regional numerical weather prediction forecasting suites within operational time constraints, especially in the case of severe weather events. Climate research centers need to support large long-running global climate simulations within a multi-disciplinary environment with rigorous reproducibility requirements. It’s why leading national weather services and earth system research centers such as the Deutscher Wetterdienst, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, Korea Meteorological Administration, Met Office, MeteoSwiss and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration choose Cray.

Cray’s big data tools, robust computing, storage and data analytics solutions are designed to handle the earth science community’s biggest challenges. Our expertise in architecting, optimizing and supporting large-scale environments provides weather organizations with the ability to provide reliable, on-time delivery of forecasting guidance with greater certainty and detail at the earliest stages of operation.

Balanced, high performance capability computing systems such as the Cray® XC™ series massively parallel supercomputer deliver climate and weather results in the shortest time possible while also allowing users to investigate increasingly complex phenomena. The capacity-oriented Cray® CS™ series cluster supercomputers offer high performance and maximum configuration flexibility. Cray scalable storage solutions provide integrated, reliable and modular scale-out Lustre® storage to maximize file system performance and scalability at any size. And as the need to exploit big data heightens, the Cray® Urika®-XC analytics software suite brings analytics and AI to numerical weather prediction and earth system climate modeling. The Urika-XC package gives users unprecedented versatility for running multiple analytics workloads concurrently on a single platform with the speed of a Cray supercomputer.

Forecasts: Made Possible by Cray

Safeguarding nations against extreme weather events depends on accurate weather forecasts. Over half the world’s global weather modeling centers are using Cray supercomputers to produce them.

Cray at the Korea Meteorological Association

Explore the recent Cray XC system deployments at the Korea Meteorological Association.

Met Office Phase 1a Supercomputer

The first phase of the new Met Office supercomputer went live on August 25, 2015. Watch their time lapse video to see it in action.

Met Office Phase 1b Supercomputer

The second phase of the Met Office supercomputer is up and running. Like the first phase, it was installed, tested and operational more than a month ahead of schedule.

ECMWF Supercomputer Centre

Overview of ECMWF’s HPC facility, one of the largest in Europe and at the core of the Centre’s numerical weather prediction activities.