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Protecting Patient Data

For healthcare organizations, insurance companies, hospitals and other care providers, patient data is a critical asset — and one that often makes these organizations the victims of hackers and other cyber criminals.

To guard against ransomware and similar threats, healthcare and life sciences companies trust Cray for threat detection and reliable, scalable systems for cybersecurity. Cray offers an agile analytics platform with the convenience of an appliance and the openness and flexibility of a custom-built solution.

Challenges of Cybersecurity in Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Hospitals and other healthcare providers are desirable and often easier targets for hackers and cyberattackers.
  • Data in this space is massive and rapidly growing, including patient care information, genomics data and other personal data — legacy analytics approaches can't uncover the insights needed to identify threats.
  • Many organizations do not have the budget or means to build a powerful big data analytics system on their own.
  • Data often sits in silos across departments and locales, so performing analytics can be time consuming and unproductive.

Protecting the Security of Healthcare Data

  • Identify threats faster – With the Urika®-GX platform's powerful graph engine, healthcare organizations can quickly gain the insights needed to see and respond to threats.
  • Improve responsiveness and agility – With the open, flexible Urika-GX system, analysts can run both Hadoop®/Spark™ and graph workloads to reveal connections that would have been nearly impossible to identify before.
  • Reduce infrastructure TCO – High-performance and scalable Cray solutions help bring cut cost of cyberanalytics, from power and upgradability to reduction of data movement and increased efficiency, while helping you manage the risk of provisioning information technology in the face of ever-changing scientific technologies.
The Mayo Clinic leverages Cray analytics to develop advanced capabilities to gain an edge on attackers.

—Mayo Clinic

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