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Cray CFD Simluations and Analysis

Automotive and aerospace manufacturers require a high degree of accuracy for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models, but they can't risk running behind schedule. The ever-increasing scale and performance requirements of CFD analysis can rapidly outstrip compute capabilities, resulting in trade-offs like running lower-resolution CFD simulations, not including full geometry, or settling for fewer design iterations.

Cray Performance for Full-Scale CFD, on Schedule

Cray systems can handle the world's largest simulations, scaling up to tens of thousands of nodes and providing both efficient scale-out capacity and scale-up capability. We work with CFD analysis software vendors to optimize performance on Cray technologies like the Aries™ interconnect and DataWarp™ I/O accelerator and, as a result, engineers can conduct full CFD simulations and stay well within their system development schedule.

In addition to many proprietary computational fluid dynamics applications used around the world, popular CFD analyis applications available on Cray systems include:

  • AcuSolve and FEKO - Altair
  • CONVERGE - Convergent Science
  • CFD++ - Metacomp Technologies
  • Abaqus/CFD - 3DS-Simulia
  • FieldView - Intelligent Light
  • Fluent - ANSYS
  • FORTÉ - ANSYS (Reaction DESIGN)
  • FIRE - AVL
  • STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD - CD-adapco
  • OpenFOAM (open-source software) - ESI Group offers support
  • PAM-FLOW - ESI Group
  • PowerFLOW - EXA
  • OVERFLOW - NASA code
  • SC/Tetra - Software Cradle

Featured Resources

Improving Aerospace Engine Simulation

Among the critical simulations aerospace manufacturers must run is fan blade off, which simulates the failure of a fan or compressor blade in a jet engine at high rotating speeds. Building a prototype engine for the required certification test — which destroys the prototype — runs into millions of dollars, so simulation is a fundamental cost- and time-saving step in the design process.

Predicting Complex High-Fidelity Aeroelastic Wing Flutter

High-fidelity simulations of the aeroelastic flutter experienced by an airplane in flight put extreme demands on machine performance. A combination of Cray hardware and ANSYS software scaled a 13.47-million-node simulation to more than 1,000 cores.

Breakthrough In Situ CFD Scalability with AVF-LESLIE

Cray and Intelligent Light are working with a team at Georgia Tech to achieve milestones in scalability on the AVF-LESLIE code using petascale Cray supercomputing technology at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.

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