Faster Design Turns With Cray Crash & Impact Simulations

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Faster Crash & Impact Simulation

For manufacturers, high-fidelity crash/safety and impact simulations using explicit structural analysis applications are growing rapidly in size and complexity. To meet marketplace demands for more efficient, safer and higher-performing designs, leading companies must run larger, more complex models in shorter time frames.

The increasing scale and performance requirements of these simulations can rapidly outstrip manufacturers' existing compute capabilities. Using commodity clusters for very large and complex simulations can quickly lead to a point of diminished, or even reduced, returns — where adding additional nodes may actually adversely impact overall performance. These performance limitations can result in manufacturers having to make trade-offs like running lower-resolution models or fewer design iterations. This is especially problematic with today's automotive and aerospace manufacturers, which must run increasingly larger models, pushing them toward petascale compute performance.

The Solution: The Cray® XC™ Supercomputer — Crash- and Impact-Ready

The crash and impact ready Cray® XC™ series supercomputer  solution puts the powerful and proven XC platform into configurations optimized for CAE simulation. Developed in collaboration with leading explicit structural analysis vendors and validated and performance tested on actual customer models, these configurations of the Cray XC series of supercomputers deliver reliable performance for manufacturers' crash and impact simulations.

From its processors to its I/O and storage interfaces, every component of the Cray crash and safety solution was designed to deliver faster design turns. The system delivers results in hours instead of days, on runs incorporating highly complex physics and analysis methods such as detailed tire models, stochastic simulation and the longer simulation times required for rollover analysis.

Another Alternative: Cray Cluster Supercomputers

Understanding that some manufacturers need nimble, reliable and cost-effective cluster systems, we developed the Cray® CS™ cluster supercomputer series. The Cray CS cluster supercomputer series is standards-based, highly customizable and designed to handle the broadest range of medium- to large-scale crash and safety simulation workloads.

Cray Is Committed to Crash, Safety & Impact Simulations using Structual Analysis for Manufacturing

Cray collaborates with crash and impact software developers to ensure their code runs reliably at scale and that it can fully leverage advanced system architecture. The Independent software vendors working with the Cray applications team include:

  • Abaqus/Explicit - 3DS-Simulia
  • PAM-CRASH - ESI Group
  • RADIOSS - Altair

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