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Manufacturing and Cybercrime

As digitalization increasingly becomes a part of product lifecycles, and the internet of things (IoT) places data in a skyrocketing number of connected places, it is not surprising that manufacturers have seen an increase in cybercrime.

To combat the increase in IP theft, product sabotage, counterfeiting and other data crimes, manufacturers need powerful analytics solutions that are fast and easy to implement. Cray's Urika®-GX platform provides the speed and power required to help manufacturers protect their valuable product intelligence.

Cybercrime Challenges in Manufacturing

  • Systems designed to control, supervise and automate production operations rely more and more on networked data, creating a target for cybercriminals.
  • Since control systems are increasingly interconnected and can be monitored remotely, and legitimate traffic to these systems is heavy, malicious activity can be hard to detect.
  • Manufacturers are often unaware a theft has taken place until it discovers its compromised IP in a product on the open market.

Safeguarding Intellectual Property

  • Uncover anomalies to detect threats faster – Cray's powerful Urika-GX platform enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to draw conclusions faster about likely threats.
  • Improve responsiveness and agility – The Urika-GX system fuses real-time analytics with powerful graph capabilities, bringing previously hidden connections to light.
  • Gain a powerful analytics supercomputer – The Urika-GX platform offers unmatched performance at scale to support analytics problems of all kinds, so manufacturers have a system for all their big data analysis challenges.

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