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Electromechanical Simulation Performance

Computational electromagnetics and electromechanical simulations are promising for a wide range of applications for automotive and aerospace manufacturers. However, incorporating them into design workflows can put a schedule at risk, since these simulations often rapidly outstrip manufacturers' existing compute capabilities.

Using commodity clusters for very large and complex electromechanical and electromagnetic models can quickly lead to a point of diminished, or even reduced, returns - where adding additional nodes may actually adversely impact overall performance. The impact of such performance limitations can result in manufacturers either running simulations against fewer electronic components or running fewer iterations on the components they do simulate. In other words, though electromechanical and electromagnetic simulations are promising, their adoption is dampened by a lack of sufficient compute infrastructure to run them.

Supercomputers for Full-Scale Electro-Simulation, on Schedule

Cray® XC™ supercomputers are capable of handling some of the world's largest simulations, scaling up to tens of thousands of nodes, while providing near-linear scalability. And Cray works directly with simulation software vendors to optimize simulation performance to better leverage Cray advanced performance capabilities in the XC series, like Aries™ interconnects and the DataWarp applications accelerator. As a result, engineers can conduct full electromechanical and electromagnetic simulations successfully and still stay well within their system development schedule.

Cray Cluster Supercomputers

Understanding that some manufacturers need nimble, reliable and cost-effective cluster systems, we developed the Cray® CS™ cluster supercomputer series. The CS cluster supercomputers are standards-based, highly customizable and designed to handle the broadest range of medium- to large-scale electromechanical and electromagnetic simulation workloads.

Cray Is Committed to Electro-Simulation for Manufacturing

Cray collaborates with electromechanical and electromagnetic software developers to ensure their code runs reliably at scale and that it can fully leverage advanced XC system capabilities like Aries interconnects and the DataWarp accelerator. The following list includes some but not all of the electromechanical and electromagnetic software that has been validated to perform on the XC series:

    • FEKO - Altair
    • HFSS - ANSYS
    • JMAG - Altair

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