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Power Your Analytics with HPC-as-a-Service

Get the speed of a supercomputer and the ease of the cloud with Cray’s hosted supercomputer service at Markley. This big data analytics solution, powered by Cray at Markley, gives you all the power of Cray supercomputing without having to maintain your own data center.

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We've been helping visionaries like you solve the most complex computing problems for over four decades.

How High-Performance Computing-as-a-Service Works

HPC-as-a-Service delivers blazing fast analytics via a hosted model. For you it means you can make faster decisions and reduce time to discovery with easy and affordable access to dedicated, powerful computing and analytics capabilities.

Hosted supercomputing from Cray and Markley offers the best of both worlds: a dedicated Cray computing and analytics platforms with maximum convenience and minimum management overhead. You get the same powerful Cray technology that’s used worldwide to solve the toughest problems in data analytics and crunch big volumes of data required for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Tap into the processing power of a Cray supercomputer from anywhere, anytime with HPCaaS from Markley — easily and securely.

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Many Markley customers have applications tailor-made for supercomputer performance, but do not want the overhead of owning a supercomputer. This new service from Markley, powered by Cray, will efficiently accelerate solutions to customers’ most complex compute requirements, allowing them to achieve higher productivity, accelerate their science, and effectively control costs.

—Steve Lister, CTO, Markley

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