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Cray for CFD and crash simulations – now in the cloud

Not long ago, the idea of running large-scale, compute-intensive manufacturing, CFD, or crash test simulations on a public cloud wasn’t practical. Simulations would have had to be broken down among multiple cores at the mercy of compute availability – all risking degradation of performance and high expense. Not anymore.

Cray has partnered with Microsoft to bring the power of supercomputing to a much wider array of manufacturing organizations. Cray in Azure provides the ability to realize complete on-premise capabilities with all the goodness of the cloud.


AMD EPYC processor

Non-virtual AMD EPYC CPUs and Lustre® hybrid SSD/HDD storage


Proven Scalability: ANSYS® Fluent® scaled to 197,000 cores at KAUST in 2017


Dedicated environment, managed by Microsoft Azure

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