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Performance and Scale in the Cloud

Your work can’t wait. But it does because you need more computing power than what traditional HPC cloud services can offer or what your onsite data center can accommodate.

Cray in Azure can accelerate your time to discovery and insight by providing you with the performance and scalability demanded by today’s advanced workloads. For a limited-time only, qualified customers can experience the power of a Cray supercomputer in the Azure cloud.

With Cray in the Microsoft Azure cloud you get a dedicated, customized and fully managed Cray supercomputer in an Azure datacenter. Cray administers and maintains your system, eliminating datacenter costs and constraints. Azure broadens your access with its robust slate of services. And with your supercomputing capabilities closer to data and services in Azure, you save data egress time and money. Your work is important. Cray in Azure frees you to do it.

Big Problem? No Problem.

Bring your toughest workloads. Cray supercomputers are renowned for their scalability and performance. We’ve built some of the world’s fastest, most powerful and scalable systems. And our customers are working on some of the most compute- and data-intensive modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence and analytic problems anywhere. Cray solutions are proven. Read some of our users’ stories.

Powerful HPC Cloud Supercomputing

Cray in the Microsoft Azure cloud combines the power of two technology leaders and puts them at your service.

With Cray in Azure you get your own dedicated Cray® XC™ series or Cray® CS™ series supercomputer with attached Cray® ClusterStor™ storage in an Azure datacenter. You’re not buying time on a Cray system, sharing resources, or checking your watch through tedious job wait times. It’s yours and customized to your application and workflow needs.

Integrated high-speed, low-latency connectivity to the Azure datacenter network and seamless access to Azure services such as Azure Data Lake and Azure Machine Learning Studio rounds out your fully optimized and supported cloud supercomputing experience.

Whatever you’re running — AI, deep learning, advanced analytics or modeling and simulation — you need the performance and capacity of supercomputing paired with the accessibility of the cloud. Cray in Azure delivers everything you need to discover, excel and win the race to market.

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Cray and Microsoft Partner to Bring Cray Supercomputers to Azure

In October 2017 we announced an exciting new strategic alliance with Microsoft that will make Cray systems available in Microsoft Azure, giving users access to all the supercomputing power they need without the overhead of owning and maintaining a datacenter.

Advanced Computing in the Microsoft Azure Cloud

With Cray supercomputing in the Microsoft Azure cloud, it’s easy for enterprises to harness the power of supercomputing to multiply problem-solving potential.

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