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Supercomputing in the Cloud

Discoveries come in many shapes and sizes. And so do your high-performance computing needs. It’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer unprecedented access to Cray supercomputing capabilities in the trusted Azure cloud.
A first in the industry, Cray in Azure solutions are the only offering to answer the demand for a large-scale, dedicated compute instance in the cloud. Along with access to the cloud economics and augmented capacity of Azure, you get all the advantages of Cray supercomputing performance, scalability, and expertise ― fully managed by Microsoft Azure.
So go ahead. Bring your most demanding HPC workloads. Discoveries await.

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With Cray in Azure you get your own dedicated and fully managed Cray® XC™ or Cray CS™ supercomputer housed in an Azure datacenter. You’re not buying time on a Cray system or sharing resources. You own your own system and it’s customized to your application and workflow needs.

Integrated high-speed, low-latency connectivity to the Azure datacenter network and seamless access to Azure services such as Azure Data Lake and Azure Machine Learning Studio round out your fully optimized and supported cloud supercomputing experience.

We’re pleased to bring you a variety of dedicated Azure offers that make it easy to unlock the power of Cray in Azure. Each offering is available in easy-to-consume small, medium, and large configurations – delivering the exact power and scale your workload and budget need.

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Cray ClusterStor in Azure

Cray ClusterStor in Azure offers a Lustre-based, single tenant, bare metal, and fully managed HPC storage environment in Microsoft Azure. This scalable, competitively priced solution provides more than 3 times the throughput in GB/s per Lustre® object storage servers than the currently available Lustre offer.

Available in any size configuration, ClusterStor in Azure delivers the exact performance, speed, scalability, data protection, and availability you need. Use it with a Cray XC or CS series supercomputer or HPC jobs executed on H-series virtual machines from Azure. With ClusterStor in Azure you have the flexibility to store your data from high-performance scratch to warm blob storage and cold archive storage. Best of all, you don’t have to move data in order to access it from multiple computers.

Let us answer your questions about ClusterStor in Azure.

Cray in Azure for Manufacturing

The Cray in Azure for Manufacturing environment offers a cost-effective, comprehensive, custom solution for large manufacturing workloads such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and crash simulation/analysis. You can run high fidelity models and get faster results because with a dedicated instance in Azure you’re not constrained by compute node availability. What’s more, there’s no degradation of performance.

Based on the Cray® CS500™ cluster supercomputer, this cloud option offers full support for specific network, compute, storage, and management requirements, the option to mix virtual machines and bare metal solutions, and flexible pricing models.

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Cray in Azure for EDA

The Cray in Azure for Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solution is a non-virtualized Cray system uniquely configured to run your EDA applications and workloads at any scale. It features balanced high-end processors and memory suited for designing complex, one-of-a-kind electronic systems and fully supports EDA-specific network, compute, storage, orchestration, and management requirements. And your investment is future proof. With the Azure-dedicated EDA configuration you can upgrade to the latest processor and memory technologies as they become available.

Let us answer your questions about Cray in Azure for EDA.

Get access to our Sentinel proof-of-concept environment where you can test the offer and get a hands-on experience with the Cray in Azure platform. Cray experts will help guide you through setting up, optimizing, and running your workloads with direct access to Azure services.

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Cray in Azure Benefits

Single Tenant

Dedicated, single tenant, non-virtualized supercomputers in the public cloud giving you raw performance

Data Accessibility

Supercomputing capabilities closer to data and services in Azure – avoids moving data out and high egress costs

Lower TCO/No Capex

Sustained workloads in the cloud and pro-rated monthly payments maximize price/performance.

Learn more about how Cray in Azure can help you accelerate your most demanding HPC workloads.

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