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Excellence in engineering backed by excellence in support services

Cray is committed to meeting your computing needs and ensuring your success.

Our service teams are highly skilled and experienced in providing best-in-class support for both research and commercial systems. Sophisticated support tools, coupled with trained engineers, will assist you in diagnosis and issue resolution. Flexible service offerings allow you to choose as much or as little support as you need.

Levels of Cray Support

Cray offers three levels of hardware support ranging from bare bones “break/fix” to 24x7 onsite assistance. Cray also offers comprehensive software support under a separate agreement. No matter what products you’ve purchased, or what your requirements are, Cray has a choice of support options to fit every need and budget.

Customer Support Guide

Cray Basic

The Cray Basic level of support is tailored to customers who have in-house knowledge and skills and prefer to maintain their systems themselves. If assistance is required, customers have access to the CrayPort customer portal for self-help resources. Case logging is available 24x7 via CrayPort or telephone.

Cray Basic

Cray Pro Assist

Cray Pro Assist is for customers who desire a higher level of engagement with Cray. Cases may be logged 24x 7 either via CrayPort or telephone. If Cray determines that an onsite response is required, Cray will respond within the contracted response window. Pro Assist includes access to a service account manager to assist in service management and conduct annual reviews.

Cray Pro Assist

Cray Complete Care

Cray Complete Care is Cray’s highest level of support, with Cray presence onsite. Case logging is available 24x7 by telephone or via CrayPort. There is a choice of three maintenance coverage windows and four response times. Complete Care customers are also entitled to proactive system monitoring through System Snapshot Analyzer (SSA), as well as an assigned service account manager to assist in service management and conduct quarterly reviews.

Cray Complete Care

Value Add Services

Cray Drive Retention Service

Customers may want or need to retain parts due to data sensitivity and security requirements. Instead of returning parts for replacement as usual, they wish to dispose of the failed components in acoordance with their security or privacy policies. When customers need to retain storage media, Cray offers Drive Retention. Drive Retention allows customers to keep their failed storage media and to obtain a replacement part without returning the original drive. This allows customers to control sensitive data, and dispose of the HDDs and SSDs in accordance with their security protocol.

Drive Retention Service Details

CrayPort Connector API

The CrayPort Connector API is a web-based RESTful API that allows customers to programmatically align the information in their ticketing system with Cray’s CrayPort Customer Portal to manage the service and support delivery process from creation to close. Avoid duplication of effort and automate the flow of information for easier administration and faster time to resolution.

CrayPort Connector API Details

On-Demand Technical Assistance Services

There are times you need extra assistance. Whether you need your in-house resources to focus on strategic initiatives, you need to fill in for a vacation or vacancy, or your staff resources and/or expertise don’t extend to the project at hand, Cray experts are here to assist.

System Administrator - Administers equiptment and peripherals within the Data Center

Systems Analyst - Assists in gathering, validating, and documenting system information and needs

Applications Analyst - Provides technical support for the development and implementation of customer applications

Cleared Personnel - Cray Cleared Personnel are eligible under national security standards to access classified information.

On-Demand Technical Assistance Services

Senior Service Program Manager

The Cray Services Program Manager provides a single point of contact for managing large, complex deployment projects and has overall service responsibility for the success of a project during its entire life cycle. Avoid excessive confusion, risk and expense through successful project coordination.

Senior Service Program Manager