Cray Secure Remote Support (SRS)

Remote access and customer support via Cray’s SRS-Bomgar tool

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Cray® Secure Remote Support (SRS) via Bomgar™

Remote support is common in the high performance computing industry, especially for software. Many methods and tools are used for remote support access, and some are more secure than others. Cray researched options for remote support with security as a top requirement and chose Bomgar’s secure remote support solution.

Cray’s SRS-Bomgar tool is our standard method of providing remote access and support to customers. Capabilities range from a customer having full control of a remote session to Cray’s team having the ability to log in securely as needed to resolve issues and perform administrative functions.

Why Bomgar?

  • Cray customers need a consistent and secure remote access support solution. Using a variety of different remote access solutions can cause delays in access, pose security risks, and make it challenging for multiple people to work together on the same issue.
  • Bomgar provides the ability to integrate with our Cray customer portal (CrayPort) and includes chat and session recording capabilities.
  • Cray Secure Remote Support (SRS) and Cray System Snapshot Analyzer (SSA) are key functionalities of our remote support.

What makes Bomgar secure?

Bomgar has a comprehensive set of security features and is based on Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 technology. Learn more about Bomgar’s security features in this white paper. For more information about Bomgar, visit

How do I get SRS-Bomgar?

Cray uses two Bomgar client methods:

  • The Remote Screen Sharing Client is used as needed. An invitation to download and install the client on a customer’s desktop or system is sent and accepted. After the remote session is complete, the Bomgar client is automatically uninstalled.
  • The Remote Jump Client is more proactive and allows Cray’s support team to access a customer’s system either as needed or with the customer’s approval. This client is installed on the customer’s system for an extended period of time and can be enabled or disabled by the customer. Customers can accept this license and download the Secure Remote Support Jump Client via CrayPort.

SRS Overview Presentation
Bomgar Security White Paper