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Hardware Maintenance Service Levels

Hardware Support Levels

FeatureCray BasicCray Pro AssistCray Complete Care
24x7 Call Logging – CrayPort / TelephoneYesYesYes
Maintenance Coverage Window9x59x5, 16x5, 24x79x5, 16x5, 24x7
Onsite Response TimeN/ANBD, 4 Hr1NBD, 4 Hr2, 2 Hr, 1 Hr3
Customer / Cray RepairCustomer4CrayCray
  • 1 Onsite response time is post-issue identification
  • 2 Minimum price applies for 4-hour or better response
  • 3 Triage is undertaken onsite by Cray
  • 4 Customers replace CRUs, Cray replaces FRUs. CRU replacement by Cray can be purchased at T&M rates.

Software Maintenance

Software support is a remote service provided to a customer when designated Cray-supplied products are not functioning as expected and assistance is required to resolve or mitigate an issue. Software support is available only to customers who have purchased hardware and software maintenance contracts. The coverage hours for software support align with the coverage hours contracted for hardware maintenance.


Cray offers a 13-month warranty on all Cray-branded hardware components that begins at time of shipment and provides replacement or repair of failed hardware at Cray’s discretion. This warranty provides only the most basic customer hardware support and is designed for highly skilled customers that intend to maintain their own systems. This Cray limited warranty does not provide any support or warranty obligation for software, even if sold, delivered, or installed by Cray.

Limited Warranty Terms

Cray Drive Retention Service

Customers may want or need to retain parts due to data sensitivity and security requirements. Instead of returning parts for replacement as usual, they wish to dispose of the failed components in accordance with their security or privacy policies. When customers need to retain storage media, Cray offers Drive Retention. Drive Retention allows customers to keep their failed storage media and to obtain a replacement part without returning the original drive. This allows customers to control sensitive data, and dispose of HDDs and SSDs in accordance with their security protocol.

Drive Retention Service Details